In the midst of the hectic pace of today's society, SILENT STATE creates moments of calm. Visualization meditation and music have the ability to slow down our restless minds. Through guided imagery, one will be taken on a journey into the beauty of their own subconscious mind. The music of modern-day artists generates as a gentle soundtrack of the unique meditative pause. Rewiring mind, body & brain.
You can find us in the most iconic places around the world; (electronic) music festival, museum, and other big venues. Over 10 thousand people have already been led by Silent State founder Michelle de Bruijn on a meditative journey during a live concert or in our meditation area. 
Artists with different musical backgrounds produce music that can help us unravel our hearts. The "SILENT STATE ft. RY X Live" concert in the summer of 2019 at Down The Rabbit Hole (NL) was a great example of this.



What people say

"Glad to share and contribute to something that's is deeply meaningful".

RY X - Australian Singer